Vid-Biz: CBS, DMCA, FeedFliks

Leaked CBS Email Calls Out Hulu’s “Reckless Streams”; executive memo ponders how hard it would be to prove ratings declines are a result of Hulu. (TechCrunch)

A Primer on Safe Harbors; with recent court cases like Universal v. Veoh in the news, here’s a refresher on the DMCA. (Techdirt)

FeedFliks Adds Features; new tools analyze your Netflix watching behavior and calculate your cost per movie. (CNET)

Michael Jackson was King of YouTube Over the Summer; singer’s videos generated more than 118 million views, according to TubeMogul. (Contentinople)

Blu-ray to Go Mainstream Next Year? NPD data suggests that the consumer base is moving beyond “cutting-edge” purchasers. (VideoBusiness)