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Sorry, Whedonistas, No Dollhouse Web Content for You!

dollhouseNerdgod Joss Whedon proved last year with the still-talked-about Dr. Horrible, that he knows how to tell a story for the web. Sadly for Whedonauts looking for more Jossy web goodies, there will be no Dollhouse content to sate your appetite until Neil Patrick Harris dons the goggles again in Dr. Horrible 2.

Complex magazine (via io9) has an interview with Whedon himself where he explains:

Complex: Are you guys producing web content this year for the show too?

Joss Whedon: We’re not. Just because they’re not really looking to spend extra money on the show. The network has dropped their licensing dramatically, it’s the studio who has really picked up the slack to make this happen. Ironically, we actually have what would be fabulous web content, which is the whole 2019 storyline from “Epitaph One.” Whereas last year, it was like “I don’t think we have anything for the Web.” When they added 10 minutes to every episode, they gave it up. This year I’m like, “We have some great ideas for the Internet!” and they’re like, “Yeah…no.”

Sigh. Bummer.

Oh well. For the web, we’ll always have The Astonishing X-Men motion comic… On second thought — never mind.

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