Evernote 3.5 Windows Beta Launches, Features Now on Par With Mac Version


Evernote_logo Evernote has released Evernote 3.5 Beta for Windows (s msft), as James over at jkOnTheRun reported yesterday. I was keen to try it out as I’ve come to depend on Evernote to keep track of the random ideas I need to record, like WWD post ideas and other project research. The beta is available to both premium and free users.

The beta brings with it some much-needed performance and user interface enhancements, which put it on par with its Mac cousin (s aapl). In fact, for those of you who switch between Evernote on a Windows PC and a Mac, some of the beta enhancements should look very familiar to you.

Evernote 3.5 Beta won’t be installed as part of the automatic update process. As such, Evernote recommends that you export any local notebooks and then completely quit Evernote 3.1 prior to installing the Evernote 3.5 Beta client. You should also close any open browser sessions, because the Evernote clipper needs to be shut down as well. After installing the Evernote 3.5 Beta client, you should allow Evernote to sync your notes from the server and import your local notebooks back into Evernote. 

Inside Evernote 3.5 Beta

Now let’s take a look at some of the new features and enhancements:

New Views — The Thumbnail view renders thumbnail images of your notes and enables you to view them by content type. There is also a multicolumn list view with options for sorting columns. Additionally, there’s a mixed view where you can see both thumbnails and multicolumn lists of your notes at the same time. You also now have the option to zoom in on thumbnails, for easier viewing. These new view tools should be useful if you’re managing hundreds of notes.


Better Note Editing — Since I’ve been an Evernote user, I’ve enjoyed seeing the editing tools mature, and this new release didn’t disappoint me. The Note Editor now includes auto-complete tagging, which remedies one of my pet peeves with the Evernote 3.1 client. The new table support is also a vast improvement, especially for those imported into Evernote from elsewhere. Other improvements to the note editor include spell checking and the capability to specify a default font size for note text.


Other Enhancements — While more consistency with the Mac client, improved views, and better note editing should be the real crowd-pleasers in this release, there are other “under the hood” enhancements, too, including improvements to the search filter, better screen clipping and improved folder import. The one change I didn’t like was the Evernote video that plays when you launch the beta client — I expected more from Evernote than the gratuitous use of multimedia at application launch. I hope that the video won’t be part of the startup process in the final 3.5 client release.

Onward from Beta

As with any beta release, you may run into some minor issues with this new client. While I did have some initial download, installation and syncing problems, I can say that the Evernote team put in the effort to take this client to the next level and I look forward to installing the final release and using it in production.

Have you tried out the new Evernote 3.5 Beta yet?


Alexei VInidiktov

Yes, I’ve already tried the new beta. The video at startup doesn’t play, synchronization fails. Can’t use it at all.

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