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WebNotes For Marketing & PR Pros: WebNotes PR

Web Notes LogoOnline annotation and research service WebNotes has been a useful tool in my arsenal since I reviewed it last year. Since that time, the company has released a Pro version and has solidified the feature set.

In a move to further differentiate itself in the annotation space, the company has just announced the availability of a new service plan, WebNotes PR, aimed at public relations and marketing firms who need to compile customized reports, market research and daily scans.

WebNotes continues to provide the core features of adding annotation and notes to web sites, as well as its easy organizational tools to keep track of your work. The major functional additions to the new PR plan include media monitoring, and a revamped and customizable reporting engine.

Reporting has always been a tremendously useful feature of WebNotes. The ability to quickly pull together all of your notes and annotations into one convenient document for sharing and distribution is really well done. Rather than cutting and pasting items manually into a document, the WebNotes reporter does this automatically.

WebNotes Report Generation

The PR reporting engine has been enhanced to allow for more detailed modifications and customizations including templates and branding. If you’re generating daily scans for your clients, you can automate this process and present a nicely formatted report with very little effort. Options let you limit items by date range and in-place editing lets you customize and tweak the results.

But presentation is only a part of the package, it’s the data that is important. That’s where the new media monitoring functionality comes in to play. In addition to the manual items you have always been able to mark up and track, WebNotes PR allows you to integrate keyword searches into your results. Import or enter in your own RSS feeds, like Twitter search results, and WebNotes can do a lot of the research work for you. It can also generate feeds for you from within the app.

While aimed at PR folks, I can see real value in this implementation for anyone who wants to take advantage of the monitoring tools to automate their research efforts.

WebNotes PR is launching with an introductory price of $300 per user per year with a two-week free trial. Along with this announcement, the prior Pro plan has been renamed WebNotes Academic with a $5 / month price for students or $10 / month without the discount. A reduced functionality, although still quite useful, free personal plan is also still available.

The launch of the PR-specific functionality helps to further differentiate WebNotes from other similar social bookmarking and annotation sharing services. By focusing on a core group of well-implemented services that can be focused and customized towards specific niches, WebNotes is keeping its product offering useful and easy to use.

How much time per day do you spend preparing research reports? Can WebNotes help you?

2 Responses to “WebNotes For Marketing & PR Pros: WebNotes PR”

  1. Scott, Can I see one of those documents which you personally have, as you said; “quickly pull together all of your notes and annotations into one convenient document for sharing and distribution is really well done?”

    You make this tool sound as if it is AI or something when in reality it is just part of Diigo, aimed at, well aimed at whatever the developers think will get them the same attention they need. PR research tool? You mean like something Vocus would sell? Has anyone who writes about this folly even researched current PR resources?

    I wrote about these guys back in January, nice potential, but short on the technical side a bit. Told them to refine the core tool and not over engineer. I did not mean to not engineer at all. I do not mean to sound too critical of your article, it is just that everyone seems to be buying the package and writing about it, without actually knowing if it works or not.