The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day


Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

palm-pre-nfl-mobileNo Pre for Verizon Wireless customers? (The Street) — Call it rumor for now, but word on “the street” is that Verizon isn’t going to embrace the Palm Pre after all. That’s a shame for several reasons. First, it wouldn’t be too challenging to bring a CDMA handset to VZW. Second, Palm needs to get the Pre out in as many hands as it can — developers are chasing the handset sales, and the Pre needs apps. I’m hoping Scott Moritz is wrong on this one.

$15 USB car charger for your phone (Lifehacker) — Got a phone that can charge over USB? A ten and five gets you a simple USB charger that plugs into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. I may snap one of these up to replace my iPhone-specific charger. I can charge either my iPhone or my Pre with this inexpensive piece of kit.

22415Nokia 7705 twist and shouts in a review (Phone Scoop) — This is definitely one of the more innovative phones I’ve seen. The Nokia 7705 Twist actually does twist. Not like Chubby Checker, mind you. The phone looks like all screen, but it twists one of the corners to expose a QWERTY keyboard. Unfortunately, the rock-n-roll party stops soon after because the interface looks downright kid-like to me. You be the judge.


Richard Garrett

I too hope that the Pre comes to Verizon. I’ve owned (and will own) a lot of smartphones but VZW is the only carrier in my small town with the nationwide footprint that I need. I wonder if VZW has looked hard at support after the sale and decided they already have their hands full with RIM and the hoped for launch of an Android phone?


I heard sales of Palm Pre are very low. Less than one million since it’s launch. Those are not Apple type numbers. I think they will need bigger installed base to attract the big corp developers in mass.


For a little more money you can have a Boxwave charger that is both for the car and for plugging into wall outlets:

I recently found mine while rummaging through the hobby room, and not a moment too soon, since we’re leaving late Friday night (Sat morning) for a weeklong trip out to CA. I guess there’s an optional adapter that allows you to use it on planes, so it’d be quite handy for travelers. It’s not as low-profile as the one you linked to, but it has a bit more features that make it great for mobile tech. :)

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