GSM Palm Pre Hitting EU in October, Should Work on AT&T’s 3G Network


palm-pre-o2Across the pond, some of our readers have been getting antsy for a GSM version of the Palm Pre (s palm). Considering we’re big fans of the device — both James and I bought one — I can’t say that I blame you. But the wait is almost over, as O2 will offer the Pre next month in the UK, Ireland and Germany. Germany actually gets a slight head start in the race for the Pre, since they’ll see the handset on Oct. 13, three full days before it appears further west. Pricing varies by location and type of plan — you can get the Pre for free with a hefty monthly contract price or pay a bunch up front and have a minimal monthly bill, for example.

Paying for the phone outright and unlocking it might offer hope to some AT&T (s t) customers looking for a Pre here in the U.S. It turns out that the German version of the Pre is a GSM quad-band device with tri-band support for UMTS/HSPA data, says PreCentral. Yup, the data frequencies supported are 850/1900/2100 which means an unlocked German Pre should work here on AT&T’s 3G network. You might have to deal with some keyboard differences if you go this route, but I’d bet that some homebrew developer will find a way to remap keys.


Jahan Khan Rashid

great another good phone on the network that has rubbish 3g coverage!


hi … the above news is not true !!!

i got a german pre from Mediamarkt in germany for full price (475 euros) and started using it here in Jersey on AT&T.

The phone works perfectly well with voice and edge network onlyy!! it is not compatible with AT&T 3g network … 1.3.1. firmware which is latest for pre !!

cant belive i put in $700 for a cheap plastic made delicate phone… be careful if ur buying it with plans for using on AT&T !!

Guy Adams

I can’t believe how long this has taken Palm to get the Pre over here in the EU.

It’s just a darn shame it will only be offered on O2 for the first six months of its foray into our pastures!


Well, in Germany o2 is selling the Pre free of contract or sim lock, dunno how it is elsewhere.


Horah! Was getting itchy fingers reading reports from Kevin and James without being able to get my hands on one in Ireland.

Looks like the carrier in Ireland at least is offering the exact same type of plan that it sells with the iphones.

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