New Google Sites API Takes Aim at Enterprises


FileGoogle (s goog) is releasing an API for Google Sites, a product that lets you create and share web sites easily, to developers today, continuing an effort by the search giant to get businesses to adopt its products. Because the Mountain View, Calif.-based company plans to add features to the API, it can be found in Google Labs, the testing ground for half-baked product ideas.

Once again, Google is looking to draw enterprises away from relying on Microsoft (s msft) and IBM (s ibm) products; the API enables developers to easily transfer files and content from Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint to Google Sites. It also can be used by sales teams to automatically update their Google Sites pages with any new leads they’ve added to their CRM (customer relationship management) systems. The new API supports most of the functions that the original Google Sites product offers, including the ability to modify pages and content, upload information from other Google Apps to a site, and provide a history of revisions made on a site. Yet after Gmail’s meltdown this morning, the company is going to have to majorly step up its game to convince cloud-wary businesses to use its Apps suite of enterprise products.


Dan Wood

Good point, Jon. Also I was wondering what kind of customer support and software/data assurance you can expect for $50 a year. If something goes wrong or you need customization or more information, is there anyone on the other end?


All that data you keep in your Sharepoints, or in Notes? You know, in *private* infrastructure? Hey, why don’t you move it to Google – that way they can datamine it and if you’re particularly lucky you get to share it with the rest of the world. (see Tw@tter).

Shankar Saikia


Google is doing a very poor job of serving enterprise (i.e, business) customers. Enterprise customers seek the following:
– reliability
– scalability
– security
– redundancy
– manageability
The multiple instances of Google mail going down illustrate that Google is unable to provide one of the most important enterprise needs: reliability. Thus far Google has failed as an enterprise software company.

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