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Moblin Applications Found at a Garage Sale

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I guess we’ve run out of names for application stores. Intel’s version of an app store for their Linux-based netbook operating system is the Moblin Garage. I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh, since HP started in a garage. Anyway, you don’t need to be running Moblin 2.x to see what’s in the store. I’ll actually be taking a closer look at the apps once my Live Image for Moblin v2.0 finishes downloading. Meanwhile, we can all hit up the garage on the web to see what’s there. There looks to be 29 apps, which is one shy of what the Palm Pre had at launch. Is 29 is the new 30? ;)

Basically, you’ll see a variety of Linux titles covering utilities, games, media players and more. At first, I thought there wasn’t much of a need for such a store, but as Linux continues to fragment, I can see why Intel wants one place for Moblin users to find software. That makes it more consumer friendly, which in turn could lead to wider adoption. Once I have Moblin running, I’ll look to install the special Mobile Application Installer and see how it works.

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