iPhone Maps Icon: Close to Apple’s Heart



Apparently, as far as the folks at Apple are concerned, all roads lead to Cupertino.

Toying with your latest Apple purchase, it’s not unusual to marvel at the visual joys of the Cupertino company’s product design — gorgeous electronic objects one and all, whether it be the pristine sheen of a brand new Unibody Mac Book Pro or the iconic form factor of an iPod classic.

Dazzled by these aesthetically excellent devices, it’s sometimes easy to forget the software. You might still get that warm glow as you swipe your finger across your brand new iPhone’s oleophobic screen, but did you ever stop to consider any of those lovely looking icons speeding past your extended index digit?

An icon that’s certainly worth a moment of your time is the one that Apple created for Maps. Grab your iPhone now and took a good look at it — notice anything familiar? Try looking a little closer.


Just in case you’re not familiar with that address — 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA — it’s precisely where the magic happens, the place where dreams are made: the location of Apple’s headquarters in California.

It’s not coincidental that the iPhone Maps icons references Apple’s headquarters. The Address Book application for OS X features the very same address for Apple’s HQ, and the Cupertino folks certainly aren’t strangers to incorporating curious details and other such Easter Eggs in their product designs.

If you’ve discovered any other interesting Apple Easter Eggs, let us know!



There is many other Easter Eggs in Apple products. As have always been starting from Os 6 IMHO. Like “Hello from Cupertino CA” on Mail stamp or Windows Blue Death screen on Windows Network Terminals…


“Toying with your latest Apple purchase, it’s not unusual to marvel at the visual joys of the Cupertino company’s product design…”
Yes, now I know why Steve Jobs calls it “gorgeous” in his keynote address when he introduced this design/engineering marvel.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Sid Farcus

The push pin is pointing where the PepperMill restaurant used to be. Ah, the memories…

Adam Jackson

Yeah… I noticed this the day the iPhone came out 2.5 years ago. Sorry but this is nothing new.

Josh Pigford


Also, I expect a daily email from you now through the rest of time with everything you notice, that we we’re never “late” on anything.

Gosh I hope this never happens again. THE HORROR!!!!


Adam Jackson

Oh, chill out Josh.

I’m not an 80 year old stickler who spends all day nit picking people.

I’m not an expert and I have never bitched on your site before about inaccuracies despite some that I’ve found. Your site is informative and it’s one of only 15 RSS feeds that I subscribe to because I come here to learn things.

I should have written my comment and started with, “lol i know you guyz are all geniuses but har har you should have seen this earlier rofl-copter” but no I was in a hurry running out the door to a late lunch and posted this. So sorry that I hurt everyone’s feelings.

ya know, back in the day when everyone hated Macs us apple fans had to be hardcore to deal with the constant beat down we received. Want some culture on that, read Scott kelby’s book, “Macintosh: The Naked Truth”


effing fantastic book about the hard knock life of being a Mac user as it was published in 2002. I think every switcher should read it as it exposes wha tit was really like back in the day and you had to have balls to admit you used a Macintosh back in the day and then also defend it.

Everyone is so touchy these days. I’ll be more apologetic before a critical comment in the future. Jeez

Josh Pigford

Doh, I was being painfully sarcastic with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Unfortunately it seems it didn’t come across that way at all :(. For the record, I’m rarely very serious in comments here. I much prefer to keep it lighthearted.

My apologies that my comment didn’t come across that way.

I really do appreciate you being so active here on the site as your comments generally do add a lot a value.


Actually, if you want to get technical…

The pushpin is not at 1 Infinite Loop–it’s a little ways down DeAnza. There used to be some local restaurant there, but I think it’s now a BJ’s Pub. So maybe they’re communicating where the Map team goes to drink…


been there to that BJ’s brewpub a few times! and that’s about exactly where it’s pointing


Sports City Cafe was once right across the street. I just got my phone a week ago and the icon was one of the first things I noticed. I grew up right around the corner off of Blaney.


but that means the apps have to be running in the background to detect the accelerometer events. Unless there is system-wide notification. The OS detects the accelerometer and notifies all the apps of an “update icon” event.


There is a weathericon app, and an app to make the clock icon functional…if you’re jailbroken.


I agree it’s a really cool idea. Agree with the battery life too. So what if instead you actually invoke the icon to update, say by touching the icon and swiping up (or down, since doing left or right would page)? That way the app only runs on demand but still doesn’t fully launch. Not as elegant as auto-update, I concede.


It would be kind of cool if all the icons were ‘live’ like the calendar icon, The map could show your current location. The weather, clock and stocks would all be good candidates as well.. maybe even the youtube one just for fun, they would be like micro Dashboard widgets.


and the battery would last ohhh about 5 mins. But cool idea, though. That’d be great for the weather icon.

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