Could the Sprint InstinctHD Displace a Pocketable HD Camcorder?

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sprint-instincthdSprint (s s) is taking convergence to the next level with the InstinctHD built by Samsung. Obviously, folks would expect CDMA device is more than any average phone at $250 after rebate and commitment — you’ll need an Everything Data plan for the InstinctHD. There’s Opera Mobile 9.7 for the web, Wi-Fi, and stereo Bluetooth support. But there’s a twist to the 5 megapixel camera sensor.

With it, you can capture pics and video in high definition. Couple that with the integrated TV-out connection and that user generated content can be viewed in high def on an HDTV, right from the phone. While you can’t view that content in high def on the phone — the 320 x 480 display clearly doesn’t support 720 lines of resolution needed for HD — the InstinctHD essentially doubles as a 720p handheld camcorder. I’d have to see the output to determine if it rivals that of my Kodak Zi6 or another high-def pocket shooter, but it’s appealing nonetheless.

Even if currently available, dedicated cameras are a shade better than the InstinctHD, it’s only a matter of time before we see more handsets with this feature. And as that happens, there’s less of a need for those single-purpose devices. If I were Kodak, Creative or Cisco — the folks who bought PureDigital, makers of the Flip — I’d be scrambling to add some killer features to my camera right about now. My instincts, not to mention Sprint’s, tell me that decent HD quality capabilities are about to explode onto the phone scene.

Sprint’s InstinctHD launches on September 27 at Best Buy Mobile and will be available in Sprint stores starting on October 11.

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Video is definitely a good move: the low quality images you get from phones will be more acceptable in video, and presumably it doesn’t cost much to add the feature.

HD is a gimmick. Like 5 megapixel phone cameras. Even with 1/4 the number of pixels the image is not resolution-limited. Considering the extreme sensor and lens size constraints, screen-resolution video is fine and that’s how video would be mostly viewed anyway.

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