Travel Social Net Dopplr Sold To Nokia?

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) may have added another location service to its collection. TechCrunch is reporting that the handset company has acquired Dopplr, the social travel network, for $15-20 million. Nokia, already in the news for a rumor that it’s interested in buying Palm (NSDQ: PALM), has the usual no comment for rumors and speculation; Dopplr hasn’t yet responded to queries — nor have some investors.

Launched in 2007, Helsinki-based Dopplr had some high-profile seed investors including Martin Varsavsky, Esther Dyson, Joichi Ito, Saul Klein and Reid Hoffman. It was co-founded by Lisa Sounio, Matt Jones, now-CEO Marko Ahtisaari, and CTO Matt Biddulph with Dan Gillmor getting credit at the time as “founding traveler.” Jones, who recently left as design director, and Ahtisaari are both former Nokia execs. TC says the company was on the verge of closing another round when Nokia came in. It’s an elegant service that meshes individual travel, tracking and info sharing with travel and entertainment services. It’s never quote broken through to mass use but better use of location services may help that. As much as I like it — and I was an early user — it sounds like a lot of money. More as we know it.

Robert adds: Dopplr has given us a no-comment.