Nokia Gets Sued Over Ovi Brand In Brazil; ‘Ouvi’ Means ‘To Hear’

Nokia N97 Ovi Store

Nokia’s portal for its mobile services, such as maps, emails and music, is appropriately called Ovi, which means ‘door’ in Finnish. But that’s too close to a name being used by a Brazilian telecom services company, which is suing Nokia (NYSE: NOK), Reuters reports.

The company’s brand ‘Ouvi,’ is similar and means ‘to hear’ in Portuguese. Understandably, neither company is willing to budge given that Brazil is the biggest telecom market in Latin America. Nokia is arguing that its brand is distinctive from Ouvi, especially since the two words have different meanings in their local languages, and that it will be commonly tied to Nokia drawing further distinction. Ouvi says the pronunciation is the same, and “what Nokia apparently has not realized is that the 190 million inhabitants of Brazil speak Portuguese and not Finnish,” said Tore Haugland, CEO of Ouvi, which is ironically owned by Norwegian investment firm Diem Telekom.

What makes it a bit difficult to decipher is that it appears neither party has its trademark issued and registered with the Patent and Trademark Office in Brazil. A court decision is imminent.


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