Dow Jones Sells News Syndication Site Screaming Media To YellowBrix


Content management company YellowBrix has acquired Dow Jones’ news syndicator Screaming Media. DJ bought Screaming Media six years ago for $103 million. At the time Screaming Media had changed its name to Pinnacor, but has since changed it back. A look at Screaming Media’s main page simply brings up Marketwatch content. The sale to YellowBrix, terms of which were not disclosed, gives the company access to all the product lines, customers and content services that fall under the Screaming Media brand. It’s been a few years since YellowBrix last made any acquisitions. It bought iSynidcate in 2001, which helped it bulk up its technology side, and in 2004, YellowBrix merged with Tribune Media Service’s FluentMedia, as way to expand its content. Release


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