YouTube’s Hunter Walk to Speak at NewTeeVee Live


When we first met Hunter Walk a few years ago, he was product manager for Google Video. That’s ancient times in online video years! Now Walk heads up product for YouTube. He works on things like making YouTube more of a social network, improving serendipitous recommendations, and getting up official Susan Boyle clips. At NewTeeVee Live, he’ll be joining us on stage for a conversation about how YouTube can possibly unite the rapidly splintering kinds of video consumption: online and offline, on the PC and in the living room, premium and personal, with plenty of bandwidth or hardly any at all. What is YouTube doing to engage its massive userbase?

We can’t imagine a conference about online video without YouTube, and we think the timing is great to bring on Walk specifically, given the increased competition YouTube is seeing this year. Now that online video has become legitimized by media companies and MSOs with formidable access to content, how can YouTube innovate to retain and build on its market dominance?



man, this clip is at least 3-4 years old…nothing more recent/relevant to post?

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