Smallest 802.11n USB Adapter Speeds Up Network Access

trendnet-80211n-usbJust about every mobile computer on the market comes with Wi-Fi these days, but not all of them use the 802.11n spec. That means many devices can’t take advantage of the faster speeds and greater range of an 802.11n wireless network. TRENDnet has a solution for that problem, and although it costs more than a quarter, it’s not much larger than one. TRENDnet says you can expect a six times speed boost and three times greater coverage when its new adapter is paired with an 802.11n router.

The $24.99 150Mbps Mini Wireless N USB Adapter is only 1.3-inches long and supports simple Wi-Fi Protected Setup, or WPS. With a WPS router in play on your network, the new TRENDnet adapter connects securely with the press of button. I say two thumbs up on that, because I’m tired of typing in hex codes and passkeys. Of course, I’m always worried with small adapters like this, so I’d probably leave it in my netbook or notebook all the time.


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