Remote Alert Protects, Monitors Windows Home Servers


remote-alert-whsMy Windows Home Server side project is still going on, but like Apple TV, it’s “just a hobby.” ;) I haven’t done much new to the box since setting up Orb to stream music to my various phones and using Lights Out! to turn the WHS off when not in use. One of the reasons I don’t run the server all the time is because the power-hungry desktop uses too much electricity. And when I’m sleeping, there’s not much need to have it running, aside from the occasional backup of PCs. But the other reason is for security reasons. I really don’t want the machine getting fondled for data when I’m not looking. That’s where the free Remote Alert comes in.

Beta version 1.3 of this add-in just arrived and although I’ll still try to conserve power with my server, I won’t worry as much about remote access intrusions. Remote Alert logs remote access adds additional security from brute force and other attacks along with these features:

  • Real time logon activity status (successful / failed) alerts
  • Real time network activity traffic monitor
  • Real time connected session and resources overview
  • Remote access activity history overview (basic client info: IP address & browser type)
  • IP Security for IP address or entire network range blacklisting
  • Powerful brute-force protection (cannot be fooled via proxies & suspends remote access but does not kill any legit sessions)
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack and ARP poisoning detection
  • Remote access availability scheduler (i.e. suspend remote access during nighttime, does not affect HP Webshare or additional websites)
  • Smart IIS Web logs parser
  • Build-in self-checking update notification

I’ll be popping this in my add-ins later today for sure. I’m especially curious if the app can actually notify me via email, text or some other method when it detects an issue. I’m sure one of you out there has already kicked the tires of Remote Alert, so let me know. From the looks of it so far, I don’t think this is a feature just yet.



I like it so far although I don’t expect to get a lot of random remote access sessions aside from myself logging in from work or wherever. It’s a very elegant add-in with a nice UI. Kent’s GridJunction is pretty fantastic too.

Alexander Kent

I hope you will enjoy Remote Alert and that you will find it useful. Later this week we will be posting some videos showing the protection features in action, blocklists, MITM attacks etc. on the HSL facebook fanpage.

There are no plans to include any SMTP functionality in Remote Alert – instead it works perfectly with the Remote Notification add-in to email out alerts automatically.

Remote Notification

Thank you

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for stopping by and for a great plug-in, Alexander! :) I’ll hit up the Remote Notification add-in next so I can receive email alerts.


If only I could get my Remote Access working again after replacing my DSL modem. :(

Kevin C. Tofel

I hear you John. One of the big, initial disappointments I had was with remote access and my DSL. Luckily, I was able to get FiOS not long after and it simply works. No need to futz with NAT, port forwarding, etc…. I’m sure you can get it working, but it will take a little effort.

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