Palm Pre Homebrew App of the Day — Battery Saver

batterysaver_2009-20-09_160740Are you one of the Palm Pre owners who powers off your phone each night to save battery life? Of course, that means you have to go through that long boot sequence in the morning. Maybe you dutifully go in each night at bed time and turn Airplane mode on, so your Pre won’t be beeping and buzzing all night. Then you just have to remember to turn it off in the morning. Now you don’t have to think about it anymore as the homebrew app of the day, Battery Saver, has an easier solution.

Battery Saver automatically turns Airplane Mode on at a configured time, and back off again the next day. Set it and forget it. The card doesn’t have to be open for Battery Saver to work. Once it’s run once it keeps running in the background until the Pre is rebooted.


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