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iPhone Informer — Touching the iPhone This Week

Time for our new Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! Outside of San Francisco, the place I most see iPhones is in the local Starbucks. The coffee company must see the same because today they outed two new iPhone apps. myStarbucks helps you find local stores, build drinks and search for eats on your handset. The other title allows you to manage your Starbucks Card on the fly — that’s helpful if you need to check the balance or top it off with another shot of cash. In select stores, you can even pay for your drinks with the Starbucks Card Mobile app.

Speaking of paying for drinks — I’ve been a long time user of Mint for my finances and the iPhone app is a must for folks like me. Mint for iPhone just got even better with an updated release. Version 1.2 hit last week and it adds two key elements — push notifications for alerts and transaction category editing on your handheld. Mint does a great job at figuring out categories automatically, but now you can adjust them without a full desktop or laptop. Oh and there’s a password PIN in there too, which keeps prying eyes away from your financials. That’s a load off my mind.

That re-minds me about a new mind mapping app for the iPhone and iPod Touch: MindNode arrived this month for $7.99. It looks great for basic mind maps on the go, although there are plenty of advanced features tucked in there for power mappers — multiple main nodes, exports to OMPL, text and other formats, auto expansion of the workspace (a mind should never be limited!), and search capabilities.


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    • Glad to help! Have you looked at RunKeeper for iPhone? I keep meaning to get a review up, so I’ll have to get that completed. Long story short: great app that I use to track my cycling (and running) activities. Works with the integrated GPS, offers online logging, mapping, caloric expenditure and altitude / climbing data of my rides.

  1. Dion Forster

    I live JKOTR! Thanks for the great work – it is one of my daily visits on the web (most often visited on my iPhone). On that note, why not convert the YouTube video to work on iPhones, particulalry on a post about the iPhone!?

    I find my iPhone so handy that I seldom browse the web on my Macbook Air when I am home. It is amazing to think how far these technologies have developed in recent years. In fact I use my iPhone even more frequently than my Sony p180UX…

    Regards from South Africa,