Don't Miss Our Smart Grid Webinar!


While we’re all eagerly waiting in anticipation for the smart grid standards roadmap to come out tomorrow (OK, maybe just nerds like me), take a second to sign up for a webinar we’re holding on the Biggest Opportunities in the Smart Grid from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Oct. 7. Clint Wheelock from Pike Research, Celeste LeCompte, GigaOM Pro editor, and I will be discussing topics like:

  • What areas within the smart grid are attracting the biggest investment from both the private and government sectors?
  • How companies in the IT and technology space can leverage their expertise for success in the smart grid arena?
  • Which technology standards will prevail in the smart grid market?
  • Who will be the biggest players in smart grid networking?
  • Why will software be a growing opportunity in the smart grid market?

Only subscribers to GigaOM Pro can join in the webinar, but you can sign up for our subscription service for just $79 for an entire year of awesome content, including articles from myself and Josie on various sectors of green IT. Check out our webinar!

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