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DEMO Video Launches: Twirl TV, Faculte, Third Iris, Zorap, SkyRoom

We’re not down at the DEMO conference in San Diego this week, but there are quite a few online video startups presenting. I wrote up Vitamin D’s smart security video software this morning, and Chris is planning to get an in-person demo (and I can see why) of Hand Eye, which syncs phones and television content via software that’s downloaded onto users’ cell phones and set-top boxes. Here are some others in the space:

Twirl TV
has built an interface for watching prime-time TV and sharing it with friends. It’s Boxee-like, with a focus on what it calls the “4-foot experience” of watching TV on a laptop set out in front of you.

Faculte is a dedicated web tool for making corporate video demonstrations. The company includes both production and hosting in its monthly subscription fees, starting from free up to $750 per month.

Third Iris’ VIASS system is a surveillance video camera that conserves resources by only recording when it detects motion and processing video in the cloud. Here’s a write-up on VentureBeat (which puts on DEMO).

Zorap makes online video chat rooms with media sharing. Looks like it requires a plug-in.

Hewlett-Packard launched SkyRoom, a $149 version of its fancy video conferencing software that accommodates up to three simultaneous users as well as rich media sharing. (VentureBeat)