Viliv UMPCs Found at NewEgg — the Promise of Project Origami Realized?


viliv x70exIf you’ve been lusting after either the Viliv S5 or X70 devices that James has been teasing you with, there’s yet another vendor offering the devices stateside. Laptoping eye-spied them both over at NewEgg, and my quick browsing shows quite the assortment of available models and options. All three X70EX editions are appearing: Express P, Premium P and Premium 3GP. The differing prices — $599, $729, and $879 — range with choice of CPU speed, SSD capacity and inclusion of integrated HSPA 3G radio. All have the 7-inch touchscreen, Windows XP Home (not XP Tablet Edition), 1GB of memory, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, card reader, 1.3-megapixel webcam, integrated microphone and stereo speakers. Oh, and a solid five hours or so of battery life. Much of what’s offered here is or was available in my old Samsung Q1U-P device, but of course, that was more expensive, thicker and heavier due to the larger battery size.

The smaller, 4.8-inch display S5 is also squatting on NewEgg’s site — the same three model names as the X70EX are there for $549, $599 and $799. Again, the base feature set is pretty standard with the options coming in for a 1.33GHz CPU over a 1.2GHz unit, hard drive or SSD and integrated 3G. NewEgg is offering some special extras on some configurations: a case, extra battery or other accessory.

It’s been over three years since the original Origami Project concept, but in my opinion, the S5 and X70EX are what we were hoping for back then. I’m curious if folks agree. Assuming you do, it makes you wonder about the original concept to begin with since these devices are generally still considered niche products. Then again, they can be found at Amazon, and other mainstream sites these days, too. Maybe we hoped for too much three years ago? Or maybe we’re all still a little ahead of our time. I feel better thinking of it that way. ;)



I think you’re right, the Viliv machines are what the original UMPCs should have been, I guess the Atom made that possible. I’ve had my Viliv S5 for a over a month now using it for work related activities 8hrs a day. Great little machine but I’m getting convinced more and more everyday that Viliv should have put in an SD slot and mic.

It bugs me that I still use my Dell Axim X50 to do quick Skype calls when my bluetooth earbud isn’t around. And the Axim has both the SD and CF slots!

James Kendrick

I agree Viliv should have put both of those in there. It would have made a big impact on the usability of the S5 out of the box, and at little cost in $ or space.



You never gave your opinion of the Viliv x70 and Samsung q1 ultra. Since there are a few Q1 ultras that have a nice low $700 price. I know you loved your Samsung q1 ultra.

Kevin C. Tofel

I still have my Samsung Q1UP (now running Windows 7 :) ) but I haven’t touched the X70. Looks like a lighter, thinner and more battery efficient device, so I’m sure I’d like it in general.


I was very happy with my x70. It filled the role of a compact PC very well and was a great pick-up-and-use device. Then something (I suspect the processor) blew out and now it won’t even boot, so I have to claim warranty on it and send it back for repairs/replacement. Oy.


They are also available on Amazon with the same bonuses as Newegg advertises. All are listed as usually ship within 2-3 days. The Dynamism website shows the same extras, as well, leading me to believe that this is a Viliv promotion.


Viliv S5 with a web cam and phone capabilities equal an XP Phone which IS the future. An Android device with such capabilities could be that as well.



Don’t forget the larger screen. The X70 was seriously tempting, but the webcam, memory card slot, and solid state components did not, for me, outweigh the portability, bettery battery life, increased hard drive size (especially for the cost), and extras (spare battery, car kit, and case) that were included with the S5.

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