Updated MID Cameos at Intel Developer Forum



Last seen at Computex, EB’s reference design Mobile Internet Device is making the rounds this week at Intel’s Developer Forum. Since it’s reference for now, EB is hoping to woo a device maker with their design — either a simple rebadge or some reworking to the unit. Would-be MID makers will find Intel’s Moorestown platform and wireless technologies from Ericsson powering the handheld. So what’s new with the little MID that may never be a product on retails shelves?

EB has completely re-worked the user interface and QT framework which “enables users to multi-task and personalize the device through cutting-edge desktop features.” Also in the mix are 3-D and new haptic feedback, which is nice to see in a device with a 4-inch touchscreen. All in all, the updates make the device a bit more compelling, but without someone taking on the design to brand and sell, we’ll only see this at trade shows.



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