The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day


Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

3919725550_9dc701e3c5_mShop savvier with Windows Mobile (Big in Japan) — One of the first prize-winning software titles for Google Android devices is coming to Windows Mobile handsets. Shop Savvy is the barcode scanning, price checking, location aware, gun slinging app headed to WinMo. OK, perhaps not gun slinging, but I’d check your local laws and ordinances just in case. The app looks very modern in design as I see it and the screenshots are from Windows Mobile 6.5. No official word of support for earlier versions just yet.

Amazon selling AT&T phones for a buck today (Mobility Site) — This truly qualifies as phone buzz of the day since the deal is only good for today. It’s also only for new AT&T customers and while I don’t know of anyone that’s dying to jump over to AT&T right now, if you do, you have over 80 $0.99 handset choices available to you.

moblin-v2-phonesMoblin’s not just for MIDs and netbooks (Engadget) — You’d have to be living under a rock for the past two years not to see this coming, but Intel introduced Moblin 2.1 for phones. *gasp!* MIDs getting some cross-mojonization with smartphones?!? Who would have guessed it? Seriously, I was just talking about Moblin earlier today on a podcast with Ian Dixon, Jose R. Ortiz and Derek Dunipace. Ian asked about any other mobile platforms we should be watching for — other than the usual suspects, that is — and Moblin came to mind.

Sprint preps for Android with developer support (Sprint) — Android developers looking to get a working Sprint device don’t have to look far. The CDMA carrier is offering HTC Hero devices at their October 28th developer conference. Sprint will also provide network information for developing location based apps and more. Is anyone else wishing they were part of the Sprint Developer community right now? I am.

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