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Snapture Goes Legit and Gets Cheaper

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snapture_iconThe iPhone’s camera app is OK, but it really leaves much to be desired. That was why Snapture came to exist in the first place. Snapture is a jailbreak app that many users on that side of the fence have sworn by for quite a while now.

Now owners of legitimate, non-jailbroken devices can take advantage of the nice little suite of usability enhancements and feature additions that Snapture brings to your iPhone’s static media capture capabilities. The app has been approved by Apple (s aapl) and is available via the App Store.

This isn’t a pale, feature-reduced version of its former self. According to Just Another iPhone Blog, who received word directly from Snapture’s developers about the release, the app is making the switch from renegade to law-abiding citizen feature-intact.

For those of you unfamiliar with Snapture, those features include:

  • Patent-pending Picture-in-Picture Technology (allows users to view and delete recent photos directly on the viewfinder)
  • Multi-Touch Pinch and Pan Zoom (5X max)
  • High Speed Multishot: 3 rapid-fire snaps to capture every moment of action.
  • Easy Snap: Tap anywhere on screen to take a photo.

snaptureThose who’ve already been shopping around for a solid camera app alternative may rightly point out that these features aren’t really anything new (aside from that PIP thing) and can be found in other apps, but can they be found altogether in one program? Snapture is meant to be a true replacement, so that you never have to open another camera app again.

By default, your view is unobstructed in Snapture, thanks to the tap-anywhere shutter controls. Tapping an unobtrusive arrow icon at the bottom of the stream brings up your detailed controls, which allow you to turn on or off the auto level aid, and change your image resolution, along with accessing the zoom and burst fire modes. You can also email photos directly from the app, so you shouldn’t even have much cause to open up Photos.

If you’ve purchased Snapture via Cydia, you’ll be disappointed to learn that legitimate App Store customers get a special launch pricing deal on the app. For a limited time, Snapture will sell for $1.99, making it 75 percent cheaper than its jailbreak predecessor.

Kudos to Apple for being open to the advances of developers who are willing to come in from the cold. It’s one of the few reasons I still have some hope for the future of the App Store as a fair and well-run software distribution platform.

6 Responses to “Snapture Goes Legit and Gets Cheaper”

  1. absolute must for SNapATURE to incorporate apple’s native autofocus and related improvements. Am resorting to using Apple’s camera for difficult light conditions. yNOT GOOD, not happy after making snapature my first paid for app.

    WITH It would be a killer app. Tell me an updat is coming.

  2. Tjb,

    if you played with snapture, you will know how fast this thing is. The capture speed on 3GS is sub second, it is about twice as fast as the stock camera. This is some solid work by snapture guys.

  3. Does it save photo and location information in the exif data? I was disappointed that Camera Genius did not. The dev said it was an API limitation. Genius is also very slow to save a picture for the same reasons. Does Snapture suffer these same limitations?