What OS is on Your Netbook?

nokia netbookIt’s no secret that my netbooks have all had MOSPD, or what I call Multiple Operating System Personality Disorder. From the very first netbook, my ASUS Eee PC 701, to my current Toshiba NB205, all of my devices have changed operating systems at various times. Making matters worse is that some were dual-booting — that’s the current setup for my Toshiba: Windows XP on one partition and the final, release version of Windows 7 on another. Then there was the Mac OS X “hackint0sh” experiment, various Ubuntu builds, some Moblin betas, Linpus Lite… you name it, the list goes on.

The point is, netbooks are great little machines for experimenting with operating systems. Sure, you can use any machine for these activities, but the devices — and their prices —  are relatively trivial by comparison and that can lend a more reckless experimental attitude when it comes to operating systems. At least, for me it does.

Matthew Dillon has a nice summary of netbook operating system choices today at Gotta Be Mobile and after reading it, I got to wondering what you folks are running on your netbooks. Our polls don’t allow for multiple choices, so if you have a multi-boot system, choose the OS that you use the most. And if you have multiple netbooks, base your response on your primary netbook. These days, I’m using Windows 7 far more than XP on my device. Even more now that the gigantic trackpad has proper drivers! :) For the poll, it’s not possible to list out oodles of Linux distros, so I’m lumping them all together for now — don’t hesitate to be specific with your distro in a comment. Perhaps we’ll chat about which distro is best suited for mobile devices in the future!

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