Michael Gregory of Auto-Tune the News to Speak at NewTeeVee Live


One of the breakout online video sensations of the year, Auto-Tune the News by Michael Gregory of the Gregory Brothers, has brought humor, hooks and absurdity to the world of political news. Over the course of fewer than 10 videos, Gregory has effectively created an alternate musical universe, using the tools of Auto-Tune, green screens, and imaginative editing. Our reviews editor Liz Shannon Miller described the series as such:

[A] strange brew of Daily Show-esque news commentary and sketch comedy, tightly edited and manipulated. Each piece transforms cable news talking heads into singing and rapping fearmongers, mashed together with Gregory and his bandmates inserting themselves into the news segments as background singers and commentators. (Oh, and sometimes there’s an angry gorilla.)

After eagerly awaiting new Auto-Tune the News installments and then humming them in our heads for days on end, we’re delighted that Gregory has agreed to join us at NewTeeVee Live. We’ll be interviewing him on stage about his videos, their fame, his creative process, and how he intends to make a buck off it all. Come join us!

We’ll be announcing the rest of our line-up over the next couple weeks, so please keep checking this space! Our concept this year is a set of hands-on conversations about the future of entertainment, so we’re ditching most of the traditional speeches and panels to focus on on-stage interviews with the people who are making things happen.

If you’re interested in speaking, please fill out this form. We will definitely be making time for startups and companies with significant news, so please emphasize that on your application if it applies. If you’re interested in sponsoring, please let our team know.

Want to buy your ticket today? They’re currently going for a special early price of $295. The last two years we had sell-out crowds, so don’t delay.

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