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Earth2Tech Guide to Car 2.0

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Ford: Ford’s Sync system, launched in 2008, is one of the largest deployments of vehicle intelligence to date. The automaker has also partnered with utilities, the Electric Power Research Institute and the Department of Energy for a 3-year demonstration project to test out vehicle-to-grid software for plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Nissan: Nissan has developed an “EV-IT system” and iPhone application for its 2010 LEAF electric sedan, which encompasses an onboard transmitting unit connected through mobile networks to a global data center. The company is part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which aims to dominate the global electric vehicle market.

Daimler: Daimler has partnered with German utility RWE for the “e-mobility Berlin” project, a 100-vehicle demonstration of Daimler’s plug-in Smart ED (electric drive) with charging systems provided by RWE. Both companies have been involved in developing the interfaces between the vehicle and charge points, which are equipped for bidirectional energy flow (vehicle to grid) “once the corresponding batteries become available.”

Renault: Renault’s upcoming electric Fluence sedan is loaded with Better Place’s AutOS. Renault has also made an agreement with French utility EDF to secure a system for transmitting sensitive data between vehicles and charging terminals using power line communication.

General Motors: GM envisions cars like its extended-range electric Chevy Volt connecting to the grid, communicating its ID, and tapping into “particular charging programs with the participation of the owner of the vehicle.”

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