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Earth2Tech Guide to Car 2.0

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The auto industry has gone through bailouts and bankruptcy since Shai Agassi, CEO of electric vehicle infrastructure startup and the former second-in-command at software giant SAP, declared that we’re about to enter the era of Car 2.0. With the allocation of billions of dollars in stimulus funds for smart grid technology, electric vehicle development and car charging infrastructure, movement toward a transportation system for the digital age — in which vehicles are connected to the power grid as well as communication networks — has picked up momentum. Here are the key players and technologies you need to know about.

Graphics courtesy of the companies and Plug-In 2009

We know this guide hasn’t covered all the firms involved in the smart grid. If you have particular favorites, add them in the comment section. We’ll keep this page updated with Earth2Tech’s continuing coverage of Car 2.0 and its key players.

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