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Critics Give Obama’s Climate Change Speech Poor Grade: There wasn’t much praise for Obama’s UN climate change speech, from either the left, the right, mainstream media, or the blogosphere. Not enough solutions and goals — New York Times.

eBay Bids on GHG Cuts: “A combination of energy efficiency, renewable energy and promotion of more environmentally friendly behavior will be used to cut eBay’s greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent by 2012.” — GreenBiz.

Mauritius Wants to Be Green Data Center Hub: Cool idea, but sounds pretty ambitious, given sea water air conditioning is rarely use for data centers — Data Center Knowledge.

Broadband Network Energy Efficiency Summit: A conference after my own heart; the Broadband Network Energy Efficiency Summit looked at issues around green telecom services and infrastructure and ways that broadband can deliver dematerialization and lowered carbon emissions — release.

More Clean Energy DOE Grants: “Spain’s Iberdrola was again the big winner in the second round of government grants for wind farms.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital.

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