BlackBerry Buzz — Weekly Foray Into the Brambles


BlackBerry BuzzIt’s Tuesday and that can only mean it’s time for our new weekly feature, BlackBerry Buzz. The Buzz is where you’ll find out what’s been going on in the BlackBerry brambles. You’ll hear about everything that’s worth knowing in the awesome world of the BlackBerry.

BlackBerry addicts know that the best way to talk to the phone with a computer is through the official Blackberry Desktop Manager (BDM).  The program from Research In Motion (s rimm) handles every aspect of the sophisticated smartphone, from firmware upgrades to content synchronization. Mac owners have been left out of the fun as RIM has never deemed them worthy of a version of the BDM that runs under OS X. That is changing as a report has surfaced that a Mac version will be released in just a few days. The Genius has been using the program in advance of the release and indicates it is “running beautifully.”

Less happy news has been cropping up about trackball problems on the hot BlackBerry Tour. Enthusiast forums are abuzz over the trackball’s susceptibility to clogging, rendering it useless for navigating around the screen. The two major carriers offering the Tour, Sprint (s s) and Verizon (s vz), both deny high return rates due to the trackball issue. GigaOM has changed their tune about the Tour from “must buy” to “end this tour.”

The BlackBerry has long been the king of the keyboard, until the Storm, anyway. There has long been a rumor about a mythical beast, the Magnum, reported to have both a touchscreen and a physical keyboard. Those rumors died down a while back but are resurfacing again. According to someone who claims to know, the Magnum will be appearing “soon.” Not how soon, but soon.



What’s with the old Blackberry photo…if the Buzz is going to deliver the latest news, how about a “new” Blackberry to support your image!

James Kendrick

I like the old blue Blackberry. :) I’m still looking for a good photo, though. I remember back in the day longing for one of these blue Blackberries. Only special corporate types could get them, us regular people were left out in the cold.

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