WWD Screencast: SimplyGTD


SimplyGTD is a new, extremely simple to-do list/task management web app. I’ve been playing with it today, and thought I would record a quick screencast showing how it works, and in particular how it compares with Google Tasks (s goog), my favorite simple task management app:

In summary, if you’re looking for a very basic, free to-do list app — especially if you’d like to print your to-do lists — then SimplyGTD might be worth checking out, but I think for most people the extra functionality, integration with other apps, and flexibility offered by Google Tasks (which can even be tweaked into a reasonable Getting Things Done app) or Remember the Milk would make them better options.

SimplyGTD’s main selling point is that it is very simple — but is it too simple?


Jester Monkey

I like simple apps but this is a little too simple for my taste. I have used remember the milk in the past cause everybody made such a big deal about it but I did not find it that useful.

@Rick Stiffer you are right http://taskerous.com is pretty sweet. I like those colorful tags. It is sort of like gmail for tasks ;)

Rick Stiffer

I love the simplicity but I think it is too simple. It lacks search and task organization abilities. Out of all the task apps out there, simpler is better. I have been using http://www.taskerous.com lately because (I think) it strikes a great balance between usability (search and tagging) and simplicity.

Tom M.

All I got from this presentation is that Google Tasks is better, though I never saw Google Tasks. Did they review the script of their presentation or that’s a sign of we2.0 to just through stuff on web?


With the ability to move tasks around, color code the backgrounds of tasks or the text, and own tab creation, it would be pretty much perfect for me. I’m trying it as my homepage as it loads so quickly and gives an instant view of work to do in the morning.

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