Toshiba Netbooks Prepping for Windows 7 with Updated Drivers



I still haven’t found the time to update the BIOS of my Toshiba NB205 netbook in preparation of Windows 7, so I hit up the download site today. I have the newest Windows operating system up and running on the device, but without updated apps and drivers, there’s still a few missing functions. Imagine my surprise to see not just the updated BIOS from a few weeks ago, but four new drivers as well. I see recent Windows 7 updates for the Intel Display, the ginormous trackpad, the card reader and audio. Actually, once I cleaned my glasses, I noticed that BIOS version 1.6 is out as of today as well — just two minor updates from the last one, but I might as well get the latest and greatest!

I was originally hoping that the new trackpad driver returns the scrolling features that I lost — upon installing Windows 7, I could no longer use the sides of the trackpad for horizontal or vertical scrolling. The dedicated Page Up and Page Down keys still work great for the vertical navigation, but I’d like to have that back on the trackpad as well. And I see that one of our readers just left a comment saying that after his BIOS update, the SD slot was no longer bootable. Perhaps this driver update will fix the issue?

I’ve already installed the trackpad driver in Windows 7 and have my mousepad scrolling features again, so I’m already ahead of the game. As far as the rest of these updates, I’ll be installing them shortly — after the BIOS upgrade, that is — and will leave a comment with results.


Dennis Rice

Okay — guess we will wait. Darn it — caught once again in the early adopters gotta upgrade first trap! :-)

By the way, I did get upgraded to 1.6 BIOS — no issues here. Didn’t fix a darn thing, but it did work!

Dennis Rice

Hi Kevin — been a while!

Any updates on this project? I have an NB205 with WIN7 installed, but have done no updates yet — basically using it slightly crippled (but still love this baby). Just wondering if you had gotten BIOS, ACPI buttons, etc. working ….


Kevin C. Tofel

Hey Dennis! Great to see you around these parts again! :) Still no luck on the BIOS. :( I was speaking to a Toshiba contact today and mentioned this. From the sounds of things, they (as well as everyone else in the PC biz) are scrambling to get ready for the Windows 7 launch, so I anticipate new solutions soon. Rest assured that I’m looking for them on a regular basis and will share the news.


Hi guys I’m about to pull the trigger on this baby and buy it direct from Toshiba in England. I had been on the phone to them and they say it wont be released with Windows 7.

From the above comments it seems apparent that the bios upgrade is causing all sorts of problems. Should I hang fire for a fix or purchase now? I do have Windows 7 RC1 that I wish to install on the machine.

I’m also looking to upgrade this with C4 low latency Kingston 2 gig RAM and a Runcore Solid State Drive.




Just a FYI, you can install the TVAP Utility just go into MSconfig and disable “Flash Card” then your FN+Brightness, mute keys will work. Now really liking the touch pad with the scrolling feature back on.

Kevin C. Tofel

Good to know, HG. Thanks! I didn’t install the new TVAP utility, so I’ll hold off. I also had issues upgrading my BIOS. 1.6 simply won’t install / run / flash for me, so I upgrade to v1.5 for now.


Also if you install the TVAP Utility, you no longer can use the brightness, Mute, etc… keys. Maybe its because I didn’t update the BIOS to the current one, but I did update to the one before. Going to uninstall the TVAP Utility.


Hmmm… no mention of the Toshiba power management utility? I would assume that was the first thing Toshiba would fix for Win 7, considering that the XP version would not work right with 7. Any knowledge on this Kevin?

Kevin C. Tofel

Can’t say that I have any info on that. I do have a contact over at Toshiba so I’ll ping him. Last we spoke, I heard they had a beta program, but it wasn’t available for me to use at that time.

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