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StatShot: 27% Access Twitter Via Apps

twitterlogoTwitter-focused applications are sprouting up everywhere these days — among them TweetDeck, Twhirl and Kutano — and they’re proving to be popular. Some 27 percent of Twitter users said they primarily access the micromessaging network using such apps, according to an inaugural study released today by Crowd Science, a technology research company.

Among some of the other notable findings in the study: Four in 10 Twitter users said they prefer contacting friends using social media than over the phone (which could either hurt or help Jajah’s @Call offering, which uses the company’s VoIP service to let users call friends for free via the Twitter network.) And in line with previous results from the Harvard Business School, the study found that on a daily basis, only a quarter of Twitter users tweet while 46 percent check status updates. Additionally, 24 percent of registered Twitter users have either stopped tweeting since they first signed up or have never tweeted at all.

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