Faster SSD Drives for ASUS Netbooks


64GB SATA-II Mini PCIe SSD Upgrade for Asus Eee PC NetbooksEarlier this summer, Active Media launched new Solid State Disk drive modules for netbooks. As we head into the fall season, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere, the company is kicking its products up a notch. The SaberTooth S3 lineup is arriving now and offers faster throughput at comparable or lower pricing than the prior line. These SATA Mini PCIe cards are tested at sequential reads of 95MBps for reads and 70MBps for writes. That’s only a marginal read boost from the last product revision — 95 vs. 90 — but offers nearly 30 percent faster write speeds. Here’s a listing of the capacities and prices:

  • 16GB = $69
  • 32GB = $89
  • 64GB = $159

All three MLC drives utilize a new multi-channel controller, SATA-II 3Gbps interface, and wear-leveling algorithms. Active Media guarantees compatibility with the Asus Eee PC 900, 900A, 901 and S101 netbooks.


Andreas Ødegård

I have to point out there isnt such a thing as a SSD drive. A HDD is a hard disk drive, as it’s a drive that uses a disk, howver there is no disk in a SSD. SSD is therefor an abrivation for “solid state drive”, not “solid state disk”, as such “ssd drives” means “solid state drive drives”. Same thing as saying IC-Chip (integrated chip-chip). While amusing to say, help my OCD and dont :D

Kevin C. Tofel

Yes, but I can type “fall” faster than I can type “Autumn.” I’m all about efficiency these days… spring, summer, winter AND fall. ;)


Agreed :) It actually took me two shots to get autumn typed properly. You won’t get me to switch to fall though


Tomayto, Tomahto! :P

I’m a “fall” guy myself though… can’t remember the last time I heard a person say autumn.

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