Everyman Skype USB Headset — A Great Value for Skypers


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Regular readers know that I couldn’t do without Skype. The voice over IP service has been a daily staple in my routine since early 2005. Since I use it so much, I’m a perfect candidate to test out new Skype accessories like the FREETALK Everyman USB headset I have on loan. I was initially skeptical because of the headset’s low, $22.88 price tag. But as they say, the proof is in the pudding. After using the Everyman headset for Skype over the past few weeks, it’s easily worth every penny and then some. Have a quick look — and listen — to the audio quality.



I have buy the Everyman Skype USB Headset and somethimes it works and most off the time it didn’t !!! I have a PC under XP pro and most of the time the USB headphone don’t work,
Thanks in advance for your help.


Can´t help you there but to tell you to buy something else. Those Everyman Skype USB Headsets are really crappy. It is one of Skype´s biggest shames ever to have developed them. What were they thinking??

Little Dog

I had a pain with these: My audio setting was too high when I was talking to granny and there is neither no audio control nor any mute button on the headset. Talk about cheap stuff!!! So while granny was screaming in my ears I was desperataly searching in the software for a way to make her “shut up”.

No, this is one shortcut that will end up in someone suing Skype for damaged hearing!!!

Jason Harris

Hi Kevin,
Great video – I too have the Everyman (thanks to Jim, btw) and love it. I spend quite a bit of time talking on Skype and find the headset to be superb.

Kevin C. Tofel

Yup, for the money I find these to be a great value for Skype users. They may not last as long as a high-end, strongly built set of cans, but the sound quality for Skype is fantastic.


How about the comfort? Does it start to hurt your ears after a while?

I kinda have big ears and so far I couldn’t find a comfortable headset yet…

Last one I bought was a Koss SB49 and it hurts my ears, even though reviews on amazon says it’s pretty comfy (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000N8RK7K/)

Kevin C. Tofel

I have pretty small ears but I wouldn’t say these are the most comfortable cans out there. They’re fine for me to use for an hour or two, but I wouldn’t personally wear them all day long for tunes or anything. They’re very flat on the ear with just a basic foam cushion — nothing like the old Sony Studio Monitor headset I wore years ago for what felt like days at a time.


Thanks Kevin, I was planning to buy these for long gaming sessions with voice chat but these will most likely hurt my ears too…
On the other hand, microphone quality is very good.


Also, they should be saying that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating” if they use that phrase. ;)

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