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Welcome to our newest Monday feature — Android Ecosystem! We’ll actually be covering one mobile tech area each weekday, as well as Saturdays, going forward. Each Monday is a quick news hit of all things Android to start us off. Tune in tomorrow to see what we’re covering on Tuesdays. Having said that, let’s get a little mobile Google action going!

Some folks are betting heavily on Google Android for the future. And why not — more handset makers are adopting Android these days, the Android Market continues to add apps and many consumers prefer the more open approach offered by Google over some competitors. So it’s safe to say that Android has a future. Mobile broadband does too, so is it any coincidence that we might see the first phone supporting 3G and 4G running Android? Sprint appears to be giving it serious consideration, but of course Android will need to support the new network stacks. There’s plenty of time to make that happen because WiMAX isn’t yet a nationwide service. Of course, a dual-band phone could easily roll back to Sprint’s EVDO Rev. A network for data as needed.

And what do we need 3G — or 4G, for that matter — on Android phones to do? Broadcast live video, that’s what! Ustream now offers their Broadcasting application in the Android Market and it’s a more full-featured than the comparable iPhone client. With it, you not only have the ability to broadcast live video from your phone, but you can cut to a different source and then back again. I’m waiting for the first newscast to go all Ustream with this. ;)

For those Android-lovers looking for larger, tablet style device, keep your eyes out for the Rockchip Android MID on Friday. This concept device appears poised to take center stage at a RAmos Digital news event in China at the end of this week. So far, the 5-inch thin slate looks to be a portable powerhouse for web surfing and media playback. Cross your fingers and watch for potential news later this week.


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