Vodafone Completes Major Label Set With DRM-Free Warner Tracks

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Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) now has a full set of major labels supplying DRM-free tracks to its music download store. The operator has added Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG) songs on a DRM-free basis, six months after signing DRM-free deals with Universal, EMI and Sony (NYSE: SNE).

Now Vodafone customers can download a clean sweep of one million tracks from the majors via their handsets and transfer them to any device. The download service is available in the UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland and elsewhere with others coming soon. Vodafone also says it’s working on bundling other mobile content with the purchase of an album.

1 Comment

Anu Shah

This is a good move for the consumer and will hopefully allow other services to follow. The removal of the artificial distinction between the mobile and online platforms will only increase penetration rates and uptake of music downloads overall. This will also help accelerate a move towards a more user-centric approach that gives consumers the choice they want, and provides an excellent model for a wide range of content and applications that could be operator delivered in a more user friendly fashion.

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