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Question And Answer Site Fluther Gets Funding

Fluther, a “collective” Q & A site, has raised $600,000 in a round of funding, according to an SEC filing. The company did not respond to our request for comment, but the filing lists angel investor and Epinions founder Naval Ravikant as a director. In contrast to Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Answers and Wiki Answers — which let anybody answer and pose questions — Fluther directs questions to specific members based on how they use the site and the topics they list in their profiles. Traffic has more than doubled over the last year and the site had about 184,000 unique visitors last month, according to Compete figures. The startup lists Twitter co-founder Biz Stone as an advisor.

Update: The company tells us that in addition to Ravikant, investors include Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, along with Ben Horowitz, the partner in his new VC fund; and angel investors Ron Conway and Dave McClure.

One Response to “Question And Answer Site Fluther Gets Funding”

  1. Jeremy Goodrich

    Of course, I'm a competitor…but, if you dig through the info around Answerbag – the staff didn't run it full time till after they got acquired by InfoSearch Media.

    And…Yedda was acquired even though they were bleeding money, and had same model as the fluther guys seem to have (from this posting).

    There are:
    Us (FunAdvice)

    Dozens more, really, including from CBS, etc, etc…what's common among most of these guys? They all lose money :) Blurtit could be an exception, given their search arbitrage strategy…they've also been developing the fastest of all the sites in our category in terms of features, functionality and overall growth.

    Still…if the guys like us with even 1/2 our previous traffic (we'll hit about 2.9 million uniques this month, per Google Analytics) can't figure out an "exit"…I'd be incredibly suprised if these guys get a 3x return (eg, 1.8 million) on their investment.

    I guess this validates it's an interesting spacee even if it's not at all clear how big a business you can build.