New York Times Now Being Delivered On Bloomberg Terminals


The New York Times has licensed its real-time news feed to Bloomberg for use in its terminals, paidContent has learned. The NYT declined comment and Bloomberg has yet to respond but the service is already live as these screenshots from a Bloomberg terminal show. While the NYT is easily available via RSS in real time, this is the first time the paper has licensed a real-time feed.

Bloomberg was providing the paper’s content via its browser but, as Bloomberg execs told the FT (sub. req.) earlier this year when it added the Associated Press, the company wants clients to keep seeing the value in a terminal subscription that runs nearly around $1,600 a month. One way to do that is provide real-time access not only to its own Bloomberg News but to other major news sources; in addition to AP & the NYT, those 100-plus sources include Xinhua News Agency and Agence France-Presse. Some clients also have expressed a preference for getting their news in the same familiar Bloomberg text format.

Update: Bloomberg announced the NYT license Monday morning. In addition to the complete print edition, the agreement includes NYT blogs, posts on the and breaking news alerts for Bloomberg Professional subscribers.

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