MySpace Trumps Facebook With Two-Way Twitter Syncing

MySpace - Twitter

A month after Facebook started letting “Page” owners sync their status updates with their Twitter accounts, MySpace has one-upped its rival. All MySpace users will now be able to link their MySpace profiles with their Twitter accounts, so that their Twitter updates also appear as their MySpace status and vice versa. Facebook’s capability is much more limited. Pages are typically used by companies and organizations, not individuals. And while individuals can easily add their Twitter updates to their Facebook profiles by installing a Twitter app, they can’t automatically update their Twitter status by simply posting a Facebook update.

In a post announcing the news, MySpace’s Sharon Nguyen says the feature is part of an “ongoing effort to make it simple for people to share their status beyond MySpace.” And she also says that MySpace plans to link up with other “networks” soon.

For MySpace, which has trailed Facebook in innovation (and in users), the feature makes it appear to be somewhat on the cutting edge. It’s also an acknowledgment of Twitter’s rapid growth. Indeed, the winner here is likely Twitter, which gets to establish itself as a central place to share updates on sites across the web.


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