Who Will Offer the First Moblin Netbook Next Week?


Image Credit: Moblin

Image Credit: Moblin

Place your bets while there’s still time — with IDF around the corner, it’s almost a lock that we’ll see Moblin pre-installed on a netbook next week. But the jury is still out on who might offer it. OStatic makes a great case for Acer, since the company has already demonstrated early Moblin builds on its hardware. But ASUS, MSI and others are in the running, too. And you can’t count out Dell, who was one of the first to sell netbooks with Ubuntu.

Even money says that any netbook running this Linux flavor will show off Moblin v2. Not long ago, Steve Paine took this version for a ride and felt it to be “very slick and trouble-free.” Ideally, that’s what we all want in a device at its core, so it sounds promising. But the age old question has to be asked — are consumers ready to break away from the Windows paradigm? They haven’t yet, at least not in massive quantities, but for people who want a rock-solid netbook for basic tasks, this just might work.

That’s not to say that Moblin — or any Linux distro, for that matter — is “dumbed down” by any means. Linux systems are every bit as capable, if not more so, than Windows devices in many respects. I just worry about the perceived and real learning curve of a new operating system when expectations largely revolve around netbooks being smaller traditional notebooks. Regardless, I think OStatic is right on the money and that Acer outs the first Mobile v2 netbook next week. That approach makes much more sense to me than the Android netbook plans that Acer has, er had… or maybe still has. I can’t keep track.

Can’t wait for Moblin v2 on your netbook? You don’t have to. Just hit up the Moblin project and grab yourself a live image!



I’m running Moblin on my Acer netbook and it’s great. It boots really fast and most functions worked out of the box, like WiFi, Webcam, SC-Card-Slot, Touchpad, Fn-Keys, etc. Didn’t see that on every Linux I’ve tested so far.

Anyway, since I installed a built from, er, I guess early July, the system is not really up to date. There are still a few bugs, so I must get a newer built. But I can clearly see, that Moblin is very close to becoming my one and only OS on my Aspire One.


I really feel that there is such a thing as too much choice and with Moblin, Android, Linux, etc. already available, and not confuse the heck out of the consumer?


Consumers will be fine. They already deal with different smartphone OS choices. Why not netbooks too?

The good thing about having different choices available on the market is that, it creates a competitive market that forces ALL of the different OS vendors to continually innovate.

Plus, as apps move into the browser (thanks to HTML5, WebGL, etc.), the actual OS will become less important, since ALL apps will run on ALL OSes. The OS will simply provide a unique user experience, to get to the apps.

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