Palm Pre App Catalog Soars to Over 80 Titles

findapps_2009-18-09_095403OK, “soars” might not be the most appropriate term when compared with 75,000+ titles in the iTunes App Store, but humor me. It’s just exciting to see more official apps for the Palm Pre on what looks like a weekly basis now. Besides, 15 new titles increases the catalog by 22 percent. If Palm can keep that growth rate up, it’ll catch up to Apple by 2014 or so. ;)

Tops on my list to download today is Chess for webOS. I find that a good turn-by-turn strategy game is perfect to pick up throughout the day. The game is auto-saved, so you don’t need to run the app all day long. I’ll also have to check P2GoogleVoice to see how it compares with gDial Pro with my Google Voice account. Send My Location sounded good at first, but I’m a little disappointed — the software shoots your exact GPS location by email or text. I was hoping for something a little more robust, but I’ll take what I can get. P2SnippetS sounds useful, however. The software is essentially an über-clipboard that stores frequently needed text bits so you can paste them as needed. MediPDA, TipCalc, Hebrew Calendar, Ditto, Reversi, Deadman, Dot Game and three versions of a picture comparison game also land in the catalog.

Oh, I almost forgot about the Survivor: Samoa title. Aside from the cast bios, vids, and show updates, you can manage a Survivor Fantasy team on your Pre. I think I’ll pass on that — I’m already smarting from a one-point Fantasy Football loss in our opener last weekend.

All kidding aside — Palm needs apps to compete with the other platforms out there. That’s only going to happen if developers see a lucrative market for their wares, which means Palm needs to sell bunches of webOS devices. The company did sell 823,00 smartphones in the most recent quarter, but no breakout numbers were given. However, Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein said that the vast majority of those were Palm Pre handsets. To capture the attention of major development shops, I’m not sure that’s enough. Until webOS devices are in the hands of 1.5-2 million customers, apps for Android and iPhone handsets will continue to arrive at a far faster pace.


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