Call of Duty 4 on a Netbook? Oh, Yes You Can!

With yesterday’s debate on netbook expectations, this video demonstration from is perfectly timed. In it, Xavier Lanier shows his Call of Duty 4 skills with one hand, while operating the camera in another. What’s different about this netbook is that it doesn’t use Intel’s standard graphics chip normally paired with the Atom CPU. The gaming session is done on the new HP Mini 311 netbook using the Nvidia ION solution. Xavier has the game preferences set to the lowest level of detail, but it looks buttery-smooth at over 30 frames per second. He also has some additional vids that highlight the ION solution, so check ‘em out.

With the 11.6-inch Mini 311 starting at $399, I can see some casual gamers show some interest in the device. Since it offers a 1366 x 768 display, I’ll admit it has my interest as well. 3.22 pounds isn’t much more than I carry today with the Toshiba NB205, but I’m wondering how the added graphical benefit of the ION affects battery life. Hmm….


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