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App Review: Ramp Champ

Ramp Champ

Arcade bowling style games are very popular. In the real world, skee-ball is probably the most recognized of these. In the iPhone world there have been several who have risen to the challenge, but Ramp Champ, the newest game from The Iconfactory and DSMediaLabs, brings a very interesting and addictive twist to this genre.

Boasting an interface designed by The Iconfactory (and award-winning designer Louie Mantia), Ramp Champ takes traditional skee-ball and throws it down in a series of four stylized arcade games, based on the idea of flicking balls at targets of varying points. Right out of the proverbial box, users can play a variety of mini-games, including ones set in a clown environment, an underwater environment, an arcade-style outer space environment or, for Apple fanboys out there, a classic “Icon Garden” style setting. Unlike traditional skee-ball, each environment has multiple targets of varying weight as well as hidden easter eggs.

Each mini-game rewards great gameplay by providing tickets, like a traditional arcade. A “loot” section showcases a page of prizes per each environment, allowing users to trade in tickets for a very diverse collection of prizes. Each mini-game also provides for three goals and awards players with collectible trophies upon completing those goals.

Redeem Trophy

The game also supports in app purchasing of additional environments, including an Adventure Pack which adds ninja and tiki island themed levels as well as a Challenge Pack which adds fantasy and dental themed levels. These additional in app purchases are 99 cents and also include additional goals and prizes.

Ramp Champ is a very fun and addicting game and perfect for long term gameplay or just when you have a few minutes to spare. The original soundtrack and amazing graphics make this a definite must have. Ramp Champ is $1.99 and available on the App Store.

P.S. Among the easter eggs you might find in this game is everyone’s favorite dogcow, Clarus. When playing The Icon Garden level, knock over all of the icons and then one of the two differently colored flowers in the second wave. If you’ve played Ramp Champ, tell me what you think!

Clown Town Breakwater BayThe Icon Garden Space Swarm

9 Responses to “App Review: Ramp Champ”

  1. Thank you for posting about Ramp Champ. This is absolutely my favorite game on the iPhone, and I learned about it from this blog! I’ve been playing it nonstop for a month now, and I just successfully completed all the goals in all of the levels (including all the add-ons that are available as of today)! Woo hoo! :)

  2. Great review. RampChamp is one of my favorite games to play. Even my 3 year old enjoys playing it. I agree with previous comments. The ball physics are bit “janky” at times, but it definitely helps keep the game more interesting… and frustrating.

  3. Great game, and excellent design, of course. The physics leave a lot to be desired, but that’s probably by choice; otherwise it would be too easy. I have only completed all three goals on one of the eight environments.