paidContent Quick Hits 9.18.09


»  *Microsoft* SVP Yusuf Mehdi met with *AOL* CEO Tim Armstrong this week. Could Bing replace *Google* Search on AOL? [Business Insider]

»  It’s not just Yahoo’s Carol Bartz who is selling shares these days: Eric Jackson notes that *Microsoft* Chief Research Officer Craig Mundie and ** CEO Jack Ma have also sold chunks of their holdings. [Seeking Alpha]

»  After disappointing gamers (and investors) with a delay, *Take-Two* sets a new release date for BioShock 2. [Gamasutra]

»  *eBay* may start running *Google* contextual ads instead of *Yahoo* ones on its site. And more defections could be on the way for the company, warns Goldman Sachs analyst James Mitchell in a report. [Business Insider]

»  Want paper copies of some of the millions of books that *Google* is scanning? A partnership with OnDemand Books will let people print some out. Big caveats: Only out-of-copyright books are covered, and you’ll have to head to one of the few retail outlets that has an OnDemand printer. [Associated Press]

»  Bruce Chizen, who resigned as Adobe’s CEO two years ago, has a new job: He’s joining VC firm Voyager Capital as a venture partner. [Xconomy]

»  A reporter talks to a dozen ad buyers and determines that many find Facebook ads more effective than *Google* ones. [Daily Finance]

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