Regis, I Think I’ll Phone A Friend Through Twitter


I’ve said before that I want to get rid of phone numbers. Seriously. I’d love for my contacts to just call me and not a number. But I’m not sure having people call me on the phone through Twitter is what I want. Regardless, this new demonstration service from JAJAH is pretty interesting. JAJAH wisely grabbed the @call Twitter identity, and it’s using it as a connector for its service.

Here’s how it works. You put two bits of information in a tweet, an @call followed by the Twitter ID of who you want to call. JAJAH rings your phone and then rings the phone of the person in your tweet. Neither party has any idea of what phone number they’re calling or speaking to. But the service requires both folks to be JAJAH users, so for the moment, the demonstration is pretty limited.

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