Jajah Lets You Make Calls via Twitter

jajah @callJajah is privately launching in beta today a voice-over-IP solution that lets people make calls for free via micromessaging site Twitter and other Twitter-related desktop and mobile applications. This is another effort by Jajah to get its VoIP service onto a popular application; last year, the company forged a partnership with Yahoo (s yhoo) to offer its voice services to Yahoo IM users.

When 140 characters isn’t cutting it, simply send a tweet to the person you want to talk to using the format “@call @username.” Jajah will then call your phone and once you pick up, will connect you to your friend. To use Jajah’s @Call service, however, both you and your friend must be registered in the company’s beta group and the person you’re calling must follow you on Twitter. For now, calls can only be two minutes long and only U.S. numbers are supported. Jajah keeps users’ phone numbers private, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting their hands on personal contact information. The @Call service is compatible with a host of Twitter applications, including Seesmic, Echofon (formerly Twitterfon) and Twitroid.

Mountain View, Calif.-based Jajah isn’t the only company to bring VoIP to a social site. Earlier this week, Vivox privately launched in beta a web voice service for Facebook that lets people have a voice chat with any of their friends on the social network. Users have to download a plug-in to use the service.

The launch of these voice services for social networks have generated a healthy amount of buzz on the web, and only time will tell whether Twitter and Facebook will embed them into their platforms. While these click-to-call services aren’t the sexiest of applications, they’re useful and continue to encourage us to live our social lives on the web.

Image courtesy of Jajah