How To View More Web Content on a Netbook Display with Firefox 3.5

Need more browsing room in Firefox for your netbook? Back in March, we highlighted jkk’s easy optimizations that make using Firefox on a small screen more enjoyable. Most of those same techniques appear today on Lifehacker, but there’s even more you can do. Gina Trapani shares a few simple CSS tweaks that eke out a wee bit more screen space in Firefox 3.5.

For starters, she adds a line that removes the new Tab button. I find that button useful, but the quick CNTL+T keyboard shortcut does the trick as well. Next up, Gina explains how to remove the magnifying glass from the search box. No it doesn’t gain you much, but frugality is the theme here and since I’m already typing in the search box, I generally hit the Enter key on my keyboard. Last up, there’s a way to optimize specific buttons. Why show the forward or back button if there’s no prior or next page? And do we really need separate stop and reload buttons? Some brief lines in the userChrome.css file address these as well.

The beauty of these optimizations is that you can pick and choose the ones that fit your browsing habits the best. And whichever ones you choose, you’ll fit more content on that smaller netbook screen.


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