WSJ Mobile Pay Plans Start Next Month; Includes Browser Access

WSJ app on iPhone

Rupert Murdoch’s plans to charge for mobile access to the Wall Street Journal kick into full gear next month, with $104 fees for non-print or online subscribers for the Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader — and a pay wall for as well. Current subscribers to print or online will be charged $1 a week more for the privilege of accessing full content on iPhones or BlackBerrys; no extra charge for those who already subscribe to both. Update: Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS) confirms that the charges are “global” and will apply in all its markets.

Some details:

The apps will still be free to download, and following a cue from, will continue to include some free content. The subscription service starts Oct. 24, but Dow Jones will try to convert some users into paid subscribers by offering 90 days of full access to anyone using the service prior to that date. To sweeten the pot, WSJ is adding some features: personalization, stock tracking, advanced saving/sharing and “enhanced” market data.

Print subscribers are out of luck when it comes to full access to the mobile browser version of; it will be full accessible only to those with subscriptions.

Update: In an interview with my colleague Patrick Smith, Paul Reddick, the CEO of WSJ’s BlackBerry mobile app developer Handmark, brought up advertising as another element: “Don


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