What Does 1 Million Thin and Lights from ASUS Say About the Notebook Market?

asus-eee-pc-1101haSo I’m thinking that VIA should be talking to ASUSTEK. VIA wants in on the light and thin notebook market, and ASUS is selling devices in the light and thin notebook market. Not just a few, either. Digitimes reports that this year, ASUS expects to move over one million notebooks in this category. In 2010, they’ll account for a full 30% of the ASUS notebook line, while their little netbook cousins will grab up to 40% of ASUS sales.

It’s simply amazing that in less than two short years, the entire ASUS notebook line has transformed from traditional notebooks. Those will account for only 30% of sales in 2010 if my math is correct. We’ve moved beyond the race for faster and faster notebooks and more towards portable devices that might have some limitations but are usable in more places for longer amounts of time. Simply put — people want basic computing anywhere and everywhere. Heavy tasks are left behind at the desk and home office. We always had very small and highly portable notebook computers available. But they were underpowered and horribly expensive — not a combination that breeds a successful market. With the hardware advances enjoyed by modern, more energy efficient processors and the low prices to go with them, portable computing continues to grow; one million light and thin devices at a time.


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